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Over generations, the textile industry has built the reputa­tion of one of the world’s biggest polluters. Today, it recognises and answers to the call for change. The shift in en­vironmental and social awareness impacts textile mar­kets, business models and production techniques. Print technology has an important role to play here and ex­plores opportunities presented by advances in automatisation and digitalisation.

To discuss and show the way in three main areas:

  • circular economy
  • bio-based dyes and fibers
  • as well as digital technology

we launched Textile Printing & Sustainability Conference in September 2022.

Participants from 15 countries looked at all factors and global trends which influence the textile market condition today and in the nearest future: customer-made fashion, re­sponsible businesses, quality concerns, customisation and personalisation… The event assembled industry experts from two main printing processes – inkjet and screen – to promote best practices, discuss new application fields and explain benefits and challenges of individual technology choices.

Textile Printing & Sustainability takes a maximally wide an­gle on the market and technology evolution. The confer­ence covers the entire supply chain, involves manufacturers of products which support the handling of fabrics (pre- and post-treatment), the printing process itself (inks and equip­ment), as well as printers, value added resellers and brand owners. From material science, through print systems, to micro-factories and finishing – TPS brings together all those who drive change and contribute to innovation.

Target Groups
  • Designers
  • Printers, dyers
  • Brand owners
  • E-commerce, distributors, retailers
  • Engineers, chemists
  • Production developers
  • Sustainability officers
  • NGOs, associations, regulators
  • Everyone interested and involved in making textile production (more) sustainable


Please contact us at info@esma.com to book your exhibition and presentation slot at TPS 2024.


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